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As we know, the name of Vanity Fair comes from the John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. However, they are totally different. For Thackeray, everyone lives in Vanity Fair or society.Vanity has become the desire for society's approval and rewards,the individual seeks, not spiritual salvation, but the rewards of this world success, status, and wealth. In Vanity Fair, every person lives under a cloak. In order to get all the vanity, everyone have to be a social-climber. This is not a normal society, but one into a looking-glass mirror, which can distort all the virtues but reflect and exaggerate all the weakness of humanity.This novel was called a novel without a hero, in which Rebecca Sharp was the most impressive character.

The story opens at Miss Pinkerton's Academy for Young Ladies, where Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley have just completed their studies and are preparing to leave for Amelia's house in Russell Square. Becky is a clever and strong-willed young woman determined to make her way in society, and Amelia Sedley is a tender , simple-minded young girl.

vanity fair Vanity Fair 的读后感

At Russell Square, Miss Sharp lures Amelia's brother , Joseph Sedley , a rich civil-servant , and hopes to marry him , but eventually fails . So she leaves this family . Baronet Sir Pitt Crawley invites her to be his daughters' governess . Her behavior at Sir Pitt's house gains the favour of Sir Pitt, who proposes to her after the death of his second wife . However, she tells him that she has already secretly married to his second son, Rawdon Crawley. For some time , Becky acts as a companion of Miss Crawley , Sir Pitt's sister , a rich old woman who initially wants to give her fortune to Sir Pitt's younger son, Captain Rawdon Crawley . But the news of their marriage gives out , she is so angry that she changes her will to Rawdon Crawley's elder brother Pitt Crawley. In the meantime , Amelia's father, John Sedley, is bankrupted , so the marriage between Amelia and George is forbidden by old Mr Osborne , George's father . But George ultimately decides to marry Amelia against his father's will . Suddenly , the Napoleonic Wars are breaking out , so men are dispatched to the battle . However , at a ball in Brussels , George gives Becky a note inviting

vanity fair Vanity Fair 的读后感

her to run away with him. The next morning , he is sent to Waterloo, with Captain Crawley and Dobbin . Amelia is so sad but Becky on the other hand , is indifferent about her husband's departure . After the wars end , Captain Crawley survives, but George dies in the battle . While Amelia gives birth to a boy who is also named George , she returns to lead a poor life with her parents . Meanwhile , Dobbin gradually begin to express his love for Amelia. But she is addicted to George's memory regardless of Dobbin' affections . Sad , he goes to India for many years . Additionally , Becky also has a son, named after his father , but unlike Amelia , Becky is a cold mother . In London , she meets the great Marquess of Steyne who introduces her to London society . However , the close relationship between them is discovered by Rawdom . He leaves his wife and is sent to an island . He leaves his son in the care of Pitt Crawley and Lady Jane . At this time , Mrs Crawley has lost both husband and reputation.

After twelve years abroad both Joseph Sedley and William Dobbin return to England. Dobbin

vanity fair Vanity Fair 的读后感

expresses his unchanged love to Amelia, but she tells him she cannot forget the memory of her dead husband. Soon after old Mr Osborne's death , it is revealed that he has left young George half his large fortune and Amelia a generous annuity .Then Amelia , Joseph , George and Dobbin go on a trip to Germany , where they come across with the poor Becky at a card table . Joseph is attracted by her and wants them to reconciliate . But Dobbin disproves of it , so Amelia quarrels with him . Finally he realizes that he is wasting his love on a woman who lives in the memory of her dead husband , so he leaves her . At this moment, Becky shows Amelia the note that George has given her, asking her to run away with him . This breaks Amelia's idealised image of her husband , so she rushes to Dobbin and expresses her love .

Becky resumes her lure of Joseph Sedley and gains control over him. He eventually dies of a disease and his death brings her a fortune . In the end Rawdon Crawley dies weeks before his elder brother .

vanity fair Vanity Fair 的读后感

Rebecca was the most vivid and best-created image in Vanity Fair. Many critics regarded Beckey as an evil, loose, snobbish, brazen, and ambitious adventuress. However, the society in which Rebecca lived was totally a hypocritical, snobbish, merciless, flattering vanity fair. As a poor orphan, Rebecca was born without status or wealth. The society didn’t offer her any chance, but harsh criticism of her painstaking efforts to obtain chances.” From her experience, we see the people in the lower-class struggle, pursue for a living by every possible means. Therefore, according to her time and her experience, doubtlessly, she was also the victim of that age. Along with the suffering she brought to other people, she herself also suffered lots of agony.

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